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Protect What’s Yours


If you are like most people, you have been working and saving most of your adult life (and maybe even a significant part of your teenager years). Given that you have spent so much time and effort providing for yourself and your family, it’s prudent to take care of protecting your life savings to support your loved ones when you are not able to.

An estate plan is like legal insurance. We are insuring against the possibility that we’ll become disabled. And we’re insuring against the certainty that we will one day die. It simply does not make sense to devote so many hours working and either very little or no time taking reasonable measures to develop a succession plan for ourselves.

This is especially the case when: we have young children; we have loved ones who are physically disabled; we have family members who have personal issues and who should not receive a lump sum inheritance; or we have concerns about creditors. These are just a few of the areas I encounter with families. No family is perfect, and being proactive helps protect against unintended consequences. And, unlike property insurance or health insurance, this type of legal insurance does not have recurring premiums.